SIC CODE Append (Standard Industrial Classification)

The Standard Industrial Classification (abbreviated SIC) is a United States government system for classifying industries by a four and six-digit code.
Add 4 or 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to the business records in your database. WhiteLeaf SIC code append information to identify the most responsive industry types and to acquire more leads like your best customers. Add SIC codes to your records to know more about your prospects, to focus on prospects in markets most likely to respond and to determine your best business markets.

Append 4 and 6 digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Code)

6531 Real estate agents and managers

  • 653101 Real estate brokers and agents
  • 653102 Real estate managers
  • 653103 Real estate listing services
  • 653104 Real estate leasing and rentals
  • 653199 Real estate agents and managers, not elsewhere classified

NAICS CODE APPENDING (North American Industry Classification)

Having the NAICS code helps you to send targeted messages and fine tune your marketing. But, adding this information to your entire database is time consuming. The most widely accepted way to append an NAICS code to a record is through NAICS Code Append service..

WhiteLeaf NAICS Code Append service eliminates all the hassles in-house arrangements and outcomes include big savings for your company.

  • We use our 40 million businesses information to match with your file and provide NAICS code to each record
  • High match-rates for NAICS Code Append Projects:
  • Match-rateĀ  up-to 95%
  • Segment customers based on NAICS code and send personalized messages
  • Improve targeting by adding relevant content
  • Engage customers through relevant messages